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"Sermon Notes – September 1"

Kingdom Life: Righteous Pursuit Matthew 5:6 Introduction Pre. – It is not great talents that God blesses, so much as great likeness to Jesus. ~ Robert Murray M’Cheyne Ill. – Nutritionist tell us we are what we eat…not literally fish or steak dinner – Americans now eat more food like substances than food…always hungry/never… FCF – Live in a world with appetites gone wild. Love of the world dulls hunger for God. COR – How is your appetite? What do you truly crave? We inevitably follow ...


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"Westminster Weekly – April 17, 2014"

April 17, 2014 View this email in your browser     The Lord’s Day Sunday, Apr. 20 Musical Meditation Psalm 118 Sermon Title: Resurrection with a View I Corinthians 15 Rev. Wade Coleman 9:00am Sunday School 10:30am Worship Monday, Apr. 21 6:00pm Tilsen Community Group Wednesday, Apr. 23 9:30am Young Moms Bible Study 9:30 Ladies [...]


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