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"Good Deposit: The Gospel is Essential I Timothy 1: 12-17"

Introduction Pre. – In a God-centered gospel, grace is central. ~ Will Metzger Ill. – First tree house – tired of waiting/went to building – me then dad. My efforts were ridiculous. Dad kept the board/47 nails bent and mangled by my self-effort… FCF– Christianity is not a checklist. None of us can put God in our debt. There is only bankruptcy in our self-righteousness (v9). Paul had first hand experience w/SR. COR – What will you build your life upon? 1) knowledge, 2) ...


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"Westminster Weekly – September 19, 2014"

September 19, 2014 View this email in your browser     The Lord’s Day Sunday, Sept. 21 Musical Meditation 2 Timothy 4:6-8 Rev. Wade Coleman 1 Timothy 1:18-20 “Faith and Practice”            9:00am Foundations Class 9:00am Sunday School 9:00am Hailey  Community Group 10:30am Worship 12:00p Congregational mtg. for the election of church […]


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